Friday, 9 November 2007

Music on the Isle on Elysian Isle

Despite the grueling logistics of putting on a live music event in Second Life that is being filmed by a professional crew, the Elysian Isle team survived the first two weeks of Music on the Isle, the event and online TV show that showcases diverse performers featuring a half hour of acoustic music.

Music on the Isle is every Thursday evening at 6pm SLT in the lovely Rose Garden.

Last week, we kicked off the series with SL music pro Hep Shepherd aka Jeff Krantz singer/songwriter based in New York and host Cybergrrl Oh.

This week's show was hosted by Krista Hollwood and another SL music pro Juel Resistance aka Suzen Juel graced our Rose Garden stage with her special brand of "naked" music.

The show is a co-production with and music partner Cyber PR.

Thanks to everyone who made the shows possible!

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