Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Cafe Chat with Cybergrrl - Tuesdays 1-3pm SLT

Stop by Elysian Isle's Cafe des Amis for a regulary scheduled chat with writer-in-residence Cybergrrl Oh every Tuesday from 1-3pm SLT.

Meet new and interesting people, see what everyone is working on in SL - art projects, new builds, designs, writing projects. Bring something to "Show and Tell."

For more information, IM Cybergrrl Oh.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Voice comes to Elysian Isle.

Following the arrival of the latest software upgrade from Second Life we spent several hours yesterday checking out the new voice communications facility that comes with this upgrade. Like most things in Second Life it takes a while to get used to it, little things like remembering to face the speaker, and not moving more than about 10metres away from the speaker, but having said that it is a great addition.

Being able to use voice to speak to each other is a great addition. To try it out a group of Elysian regulars spent a couple of hours at the Café chatting yesterday evening, and it really showed the value of social spaces like the café.

The voice communications feature should prove really useful for events like the Reading Group meetings, and we are all looking forward to trying it out at the next meeting on August 14th.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Felix Dennis’ ‘How to Get Rich’ event gets under way.

Despite a few problems with the video of Felix Dennis reading a poem about how to get rich, the event on Elysian Isle marking the launch of the paperback edition of his bestselling book ‘How to get rich’ has got off to a good start.

Over the weekend a steady stream of people took the path through the ‘Forest of Dennis’ , most of them are now the proud possessors of the free t-shirt and glasses and nearly half have taken an entry form to the competition.

If you have not yet been… come…..