Saturday, 27 October 2007

Elysian Isle is hosting a Fashion & Fantasy Ball on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 5pm SLT for Halloween and the event will include a Fashion & Fantasy Costume contest with celebrity judges. The event includes dancing, refreshments and Second Life celebrities and will take place on Elysian Isle in the Rose Garden.

The Costume Contest runs for 24 hours on Oct.31. To enter, residents must take a snapshot of themselves in their costumes anywhere on Elysian Isle. They can submit snapshots anytime on Oct.31 either by dropping them to Cybergrrl Oh with their avatar's name on it or emailing it to cybergrrloh AT including their avatar name in the email.

Snapshots will then be uploaded to this Elysian Isle blog and the Celebrity Judges will post comments and cast votes from Nov 1-4. Three winners will be announced Monday Nov 5 at the Get Rich Business Mondays meeting in the Rose Garden on Elysian Isle.

Grand Prize - L$6000 gift card to Vindi Vindiloo's clothing shops on Elysian Isle
Runner Up - L$3000 gift card
Honorary Mention - L$1000 gift card

Celebrity Judges for the Costume Contest are:

*Celebrity Trollop - Second Style Fashionista bloger -

*TheDiva Roc - Second Life Fashion Police blogger -

*Daphne Abernathy & Tamara Kirshner
- Going Broke with Daphne & Tamara podcasters -

For more information, IM Cybergrrl Oh or email cybergrrloh AT SLURL for the Rose Garden -

Monday, 15 October 2007

When we last saw our three first round winners of the “Get Rich” competition, they were graciously accepting their prizes.

Last week, two of the three had established their presence on Elysian Isle – Lillith Anatine with several kiosks placed strategically around the Isle that map optimal sales traffic for her products and Bianca Zanetti - who has a retail reporting tool she is marketing - with a lovely two-story shop.

“I have my website up and running complete with a working demo,” said Zanetti. “My store is up and running at Elysian Isle, and now I am marketing the service. I have put it on the Second Life site and am putting the word out there.”

Zanetti has also begun dropping note cards in to various store owners and has an associate who is working with her on commission to try to bring in customers.

Anatine has Four HippoVEND vendors on the Isle and a backup server for them.

“I was hoping to set up 5 or so single vendors in unexpected places in the sim, say, at the end of the pathway in the Forest of Dennis. That way I could have used the arrows that point to the path as arrows that point to my vendor,” said Anatine who explained that she was given two small parcels so doubled up on vendors to make them visible from either side.

She also rented three more locations in malls around SL for her vendors. She hadn't advertised what she is doing at the time due to RL deadlines.

Real life issues has kept the third winner, Angel Slocombe, from setting up shop and the space is currently empty awaiting her school for emotive language in virtual worlds.

Said Anatine about her efforts in the competition, “I do not believe in putting all of my eggs in one basket so with a variety of products to offer in a variety of locations there will be something there for everyone. If everyone in SL knows where to find me, and anyone can find something that speaks to them in some meaningful way once they do find me, I hope to gain a large and loyal customer base that is willing to refer their friends to me as well.”

Visit our contestants on Elysian Isle.

And stay tuned to this blog to see how the contestants are doing!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Second Life Writers at Writers Wednesdays

The regular Wednesday gatherings of writers on Elysian Isle - Writers Wednesdays - are growing by leaps and bounds after only a few meetings. We've already had a special guest - Marvel Ousley from - discuss paid writing opportunities at the AP-style news outlet. And most recently, we discussed getting Linden for writing in-world.

Join us every Wednesday on Elysian Isle from 12pm - 1pm SLT to talk about the business of writing. We are planning many more special guests including editors from SL newspapers and magazines, RL book editors and agents and others who can help us get published in-world and in the real world and make money from our writing.