Monday, 3 December 2007

Elysian Isle welcomes author Abby Lee

Abby Lee, the pen name of well known blogger and author of the best selling book 'Girl with a one track mind', Zoe Margolis, came to Elysian Isle on the evening of Wednesday 28th and delived a fascinating two hour talk and Q&A session to a packed and enthusiastic audience.

Abby, who's avatar name is AbbyLee Aeon, talked about her blog, her book, and her quest to make it acceptable for a woman to say that she enjoys sex without being labeled as a 'slut'. It is a view that has attracted a lot of villification from some quarters, and Abby told the audience how she had been 'outed' by the press and had to suffer from the media's intrusion into her personal life.

Abby then went on to talk about her aim to bring equality to enjoyment of sex, she illustrated this by reading several passages from her book, and raised questions such as 'why cant there be pornography for women?' 'why are images of naked men aimed only at the gay audience and not at the female audience?' and 'why is the erect male penis never shown?'

An SL readable e-book with some extracts from Abby Lee's book is available in the Elysian Isle bookshop and the full book can be bought online from the publishers

The story of Abby's 'outing' and her quest will be the subject of a Channel 4 TV program to be aired on December 11th at 10pm. An introductory preview of this documentary was shown at the event.
Readers will I am sure be delighted to know that Abby has agreed to come back to Elysian Isle in the near future.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

And the winners accept their prizes!

Coordinating three winners for the Fashion & Fantasy costume contest when they are in 3 different time zones can be a challenge, so we finally met with each winner individually to give them their prizes. If you don't remember what they looked like on Halloween, click here.

3rd place winner - $1000 gift card to Vindi Vindiloo's clothing shops on Elysian Isle - went to JunZ DarkStone!

2nd place winner - $3000 gift card - went to Payton Heron!

1st place winner - $6000 gift card - went to SerinaJane Loon!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the contestants who entered. Stay tuned for more contests on Elysian Isle with valuable prizes!

And just to reminisce a bit, here are some photos from the Fashion & Fantasy Ball, BEFORE the sim crashed from the load of fabulous costumes!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Thu 29 Nov - Cylindrian Rutabaga performs on Elysian Isle

Join us for a 1/2 hour set of live music at 6pm SLT on Thu 29 Nov with SL favorite Cylindrian Rutabaga aka Grace Buford. Head to the Rose Garden!

And coming up Dec 6...

Dann Numbers!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Music on the Isle Upcoming Artists

Music on the Isle is a 1/2 hour live, all-original acoustic set under the stars!

Every Thursdays at 6pm SLT - Elysian Isle Rose Garden

(produced by Metaverse Horizons, taped by

*15 Nov - Capos Calderwood aka Alex Whitmore

"Home cooked Texas style with humor for dessert."

*22 Nov - THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY - see you the following week!

*29 Nov - Cylindrian Rutabaga aka Grace Buford

"The virtual representation of Atlanta Singer/Songwriter, Grace Buford, who has been writing songs and performing in Second Life and the regional Southeastern United States for almost 2 years."

*6 Dec - Dann Numbers- Dec 6th confirmed

"Dann Russo aka Dann Numbers pours rock, blues, country, gospel and every other type of real down-home music into his performances."

For more information about Music on the Isle, join the Music on the Isle Group!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Music on the Isle on Elysian Isle

Despite the grueling logistics of putting on a live music event in Second Life that is being filmed by a professional crew, the Elysian Isle team survived the first two weeks of Music on the Isle, the event and online TV show that showcases diverse performers featuring a half hour of acoustic music.

Music on the Isle is every Thursday evening at 6pm SLT in the lovely Rose Garden.

Last week, we kicked off the series with SL music pro Hep Shepherd aka Jeff Krantz singer/songwriter based in New York and host Cybergrrl Oh.

This week's show was hosted by Krista Hollwood and another SL music pro Juel Resistance aka Suzen Juel graced our Rose Garden stage with her special brand of "naked" music.

The show is a co-production with and music partner Cyber PR.

Thanks to everyone who made the shows possible!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

And the Winners are...

Our illustrious Celebrity Judges toiled long and hard over these wonderful submissions for Elysian Isle's first Fashion & Fantasy Ball. And the winners are... Drumroll Please...

The Third Prize winner (or is that Second Runner Up) is...JunZ DarkStone!

The Second Prize goes to First Runner Up... Payton Heron!!

And our FIRST PRIZE WINNER is... SerinaJane Loon!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Second Life Halloween Costume Contest!

We held a 24 hour costume contest on Elysian Isle this week with our Celebrity Judges:

*Celebrity Trollop - Second Style Fashionista blogger -

*TheDiva Roc - Second Life Fashion Police blogger -

*Daphne Abernathy & Tamara Kirshner
- Going Broke with Daphne & Tamara podcasters -

Now it is time for the judging to take place! If you submitted a photo anytime on 31 October and you do NOT see your photo, please email cybergrrloh AT before Sunday.

Our illustrious judges will review the entries below and post their comments. Then they will email Cybergrrl Oh with their final choices for the 3 prizes in a specially hermetically sealed email!

Grand Prize - L$6000 gift card to Vindi Vindiloo's clothing shops on Elysian Isle
Runner Up - L$3000 gift card
Honorary Mention - L$1000 gift card

In the meanwhile, feel free to post your own comments to your favorite entries to offer your support.

Good Luck everyone!

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Contestant #3

Contestant #4

Contestant #5

Contestant #6

Contestant #7

Contestant #8

Contestant #9

Contestant #10

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