Monday, 3 December 2007

Elysian Isle welcomes author Abby Lee

Abby Lee, the pen name of well known blogger and author of the best selling book 'Girl with a one track mind', Zoe Margolis, came to Elysian Isle on the evening of Wednesday 28th and delived a fascinating two hour talk and Q&A session to a packed and enthusiastic audience.

Abby, who's avatar name is AbbyLee Aeon, talked about her blog, her book, and her quest to make it acceptable for a woman to say that she enjoys sex without being labeled as a 'slut'. It is a view that has attracted a lot of villification from some quarters, and Abby told the audience how she had been 'outed' by the press and had to suffer from the media's intrusion into her personal life.

Abby then went on to talk about her aim to bring equality to enjoyment of sex, she illustrated this by reading several passages from her book, and raised questions such as 'why cant there be pornography for women?' 'why are images of naked men aimed only at the gay audience and not at the female audience?' and 'why is the erect male penis never shown?'

An SL readable e-book with some extracts from Abby Lee's book is available in the Elysian Isle bookshop and the full book can be bought online from the publishers

The story of Abby's 'outing' and her quest will be the subject of a Channel 4 TV program to be aired on December 11th at 10pm. An introductory preview of this documentary was shown at the event.
Readers will I am sure be delighted to know that Abby has agreed to come back to Elysian Isle in the near future.