Saturday, 15 September 2007

Announcing: Winners of the first round of the business idea's competition

From left to right: Bianca Zanetti (1st prize), Lillith Anatine (2nd prize, Angel Slocombe (3rd prize), & Elysian Isle Manager Nick Gloucester

A presentation was made to the winners of the first round of the Felix Dennis ‘How to Get Rich’ Second Life business ideas competition in the Elysian Isle Town Square Saturday, Sept. 15 at 12pm SLT.

Each of the winners will be given two months to make a profit from their business idea. The individual who can show the biggest profit at the end of that period will be deemed the winner of the grand prize of an additional L$50,000 on top of their first round winnings

The winners of Round One are:

First Prize of $L25,000 - Bianca Zanetti with an idea for an SL based retail sales reporting tool.

In her own words: well, i have a fashion business in sl and multiple stores. i was getting very frustrated with the income reporting that the sl website allows. i wanted better statistics, etc. so i started putting together a tool for myself that would register all my sales in sl to a website as soon as they were made and would also allow me to upload my sales. then i started putting togerher reports for myself that would show trends totals etc. what i want to do for this project is to make this a commercially viable tool for other vendors to turn it into a real retail sales product service that retailers can subscribe to. i have to say, i love it and use it constantly, i'm hoping other people will as well.

Second Prize of L$15,000 - Angel Slocombe with the Angel Grace School of Emoting.

In her own words: My idea, was called - A school for Emoting. I've worked as a Host and Dancer and DJ in clubs for most of my SL life and one thing I know is that the one thing that will pretty much gurantee more attention and therefore more tips is effective use of emotive language. Many dancers for instance think that they can just jump on a pole and "describe" what they're doing and uit comes out crass and boring, but, if they are more descriptive, describe feelings, sensations etc then people tend to be more drawn to them. So, I wanted to open a school to teach this, I was originally just thinking about Dancers but the more I think about it the more I think it can be used in just about any area in SL. I 've always wanted to add beauty to SL and I think this is a way of adding beauty to the language used.

Third Prize of L$10,000 - Lillith Anatine with a project for creating a chain of small kiosk vendors that map optimal sales traffic across mainland Second Life.

In her own words:
my idea is very simple. I took a cue from a friend of mine's old SL b/f. His income in SL is outrageous I can't give real figures but he pulls roughly $6000 USD out of SL monthly. my idea was similar to what he did. SL has *no* necessities. you don't need to eat, go to the bathroom, etc. yeah... 60-100K in $L *daily.* herefore, in real world terms, all purchases in SL are technically impulse buys or *wants* and not *needs*. people will tend to spend $L50 almost on accident. my idea is simply to place a vendor anywhere these accidents can happen with a small, inexpensive item, poofers, etc. People actually buy these things. in fact, I have several items for sale at many places and the only sales I have ever made were these poofers.

so the real idea is simply to place them *everywhere* - maybe a location won't be too lucrative (Bianca's project will help tell!). so if people are willing to drop $L50 on something small on a regular basis, how regular will sales be in 100 places? put the name out, let them accidentally give you money. thatr's it... real simple.

Each of the winners will also receive free business premises on Elysian Isle for three months.

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